About Me

Hi friends! I’m Grace, and this is my webpage. I am from Northern Virginia and currently attend the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg VA. Recently I declared my major and I am excited to announce that I will be continuing my education in the Communication and Digital Studies program!

Here is a quick introduction so you can get to know me before continuing on my website! I have a pretty big family that consists of my two moms, younger sister and stepbrother. We have three cats named Charlie, Dots, and Not Dots. I know, really original names. In my free time you would most likely find me at a coffee shop with friends or driving around doing errands (you’re welcome Mom). My hobbies include singing, theater, and doodling. I am a curious, inclusive, globally minded student who wants to explore the world, expand my education and make a difference.

The purpose of this domain is originally intended to be for my DGST 101 final. We have spent the semester discussing a variety of interesting topics, but something we have always come back to was the concept of “digital identity.” To provide a quick explanation of what exactly digital identity is, think of the websites you visit, apps you frequently use, and social media you spend the most time on. Everything that you do using technology contributes to how you are perceived online by friends, potential employers, and even strangers, thus creating your digital identity.

Topics that I am passionate about and want to be associated with MY digital identity are mental health, environment and traveling, and my academic work. My page will include a blog of the places I have personally traveled to with my family, a section that features “good vibes” to boost your mood, and some of the work I have done over the last few years in school that I am most proud of.

I hope you enjoy exploring my page 🙂