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    Picture Me This…

    Do I take a lot of photos now? HA. Ask my moms who are CONSTANTLY making fun of me for my over use of Snapchat. As someone who appreciates a good visual, or prefers to see the face of of the person I am talking to, I have a huge appreciation for the use of pictures, especially as a form of communication. Truly, I take pictures of everything. Aside from the hundreds of thousands of Snapchats I have sent, I like to photograph animals, people, nature, and will not shy away from snapping a quick pic of my “to-do” list. When the lighting is hitting just right, sometimes the camera…

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    3rd Times a Charm? DGST 395 Module 1 Reflection

    As this is my third time taking this class (sorry mom) and my second time taking it with Professor Whalen, I am proud to announce I actually felt like I was able to accomplish much more this time around. Coding has never been an easy concept for me to grasp, so I really appreciate the activities “Code Practice *snake emoji*” given to us providing step by step instructions and providing multiple attempts. I still would not say I am confident at all in my coding skills, but after the last few weeks I have a much better understanding of how the mechanics of it work. I like to compare it…

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    Wanna See the Sign ?

    Showing off some basic sign language skills by using the alphabet to spell out digital storytelling! Included a the sign for “I love you” at the end as a little bonus (and because I love the class!). One day I actually hope to become more educated on sign language and would love to be able to hold a conversation using real signs as opposed to using the alphabet to spell out words.

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    A Little Design for Your Day

    This is a cartoon/animated version of me and my sister!! I really love combining artistic realism/accuracy along with animation to create realistically drawn cartoons! Details are important, but come harder for me, so this is one of my favorite ways to spend time doing art.

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    Fears Facing You

    We have all had those moments where we feel like one of our biggest fears is coming true. Big fears like natural disasters, smaller things like snakes, and even irrational moments of panic where you think you might die before plummeting down the big hill on a roller coaster. But what if our fears were actually afraid of us? “How do you find yourself? ”Your honor, I find myself NOT guilty” Ok. You might be wondering how I ended up here. Me. In COURT. If you know me at all, you know how afraid and out of place I feel here. And anyway the reason I’m here isn’t even my…

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    Week 2 of DS106

    Oh man this week was BUSY busy busy. To fill our time this week we began daily creative challenges called “daily creates”. Everyday we get an assignment posted on twitter and have to respond to them with whatever creative strategy we want to employ. This is the first time I have ever used hashtags for their real purpose, finding other posts with the same hashtag! Previously my experience with hashtags would be for #funny or to be #relatable or join a #trend. Though I knew their intended purpose, this is an interesting first experience actually applying them! I have been having a lot of fun with the daily creates, however…

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    Artistic Ambition

    I wouldn’t consider myself a highly ambitious person. This sounds like it should have a negative connotation, but in all honesty, not a lot of thing can hold my interest long enough for me to feel passionate about them. Again, not the most bright and shiny statement, but it is what it is. One thing that has always been able to keep a hold on me has been art. Over the last few years I have begun to realize what type of art I am most interested in, and what kind of artist I WANT to be. In high school I was a musically inclined artist. I sang in advantaged…

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    DS106 Week 1 Summed Up

    Being as it was the first week of classes, it is safe to say my week was pretty hectic! However, I was fortunate enough to already have a domain set up to add my Digital Storytelling blog posts to! I was really excited learning we would be using our blogs as our main page to publish content, as I haven’t really done much with mine yet and have been wanting to find a reason to update it for a while. This week was a lot of setting up accounts to prepare for work to come throughout the remainder of the semester. One of the assignments we did complete this week…

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    The Joy of Bob Ross

    Whenever I sit down to watch an episode of The Joy of Painting, it feels as if all the weight in my chest has been lifted. I feel like that is the main goal Bob Ross wanted to accomplish with this series, teleporting people away from everyday stress through his art. Not only is watching Ross paint soothing, but so is listening to him speak words of encouragement to the audience. Phrases such as “everyone can paint” or “happy little trees” provides a sense of comfort as well as gives confidence to the artist painting with him. In the episode I watched, Home Before Nightfall, Ross emphasized the importance of…

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    New Goals

    When I think about my future which is approaching with exponential speed, one of my biggest stressors is feeling as though I do not have enough experience for what I want to do. Though I am also a bit unsure of what precisely my career will be, I know I want to be able to incorporate my love for art. This includes digital art work such as graphic design, animation, publicity, or even video production. I hope that by taking the course Digital Storytelling I will be able to at least find a base set of skills that give me the confidence I am cut out for the work I…