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    Week 1 Summary

    What an interesting start to this course I had. I have taken Digital Storytelling once before with a different professor, so I was anxious to see if the set up of the course with a new professor would be similar or different. After the fear of being perpetually overwhelmed by the warning email telling us how fast paced this course would be and how much work and participation it would entail, I was able to some comfort in seeing a familiar structure. Thankfully for me, I already had several of the required accounts we needed to set up this week. I was especially glad to already have a theme set…

  • CDS Work,  Now THATS a Story

    Hey Siri, play Introducing Me from Camp Rock 2, by Nick Jonas

    ”Do-do-dododo-do”…for those of you who understand this ~iconic~ song and movie reference…thank you, you get me. For those of you who dont..thats awkward. Let me try again: Hi! I’m Grace 🙂 I am super excited to create and share new content with my pals in Digital Storytelling this summer. Fun fact about me: this is the second time I am taking DS106 (oops!) and this time, I’m ready to do it right! This class is starting while I am on a family vacation at the beach (glass half full: hey, at least class starts while you are at the beach!! glass half empty: …ew sucks you are at the beach…