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Artistic Ambition

I wouldn’t consider myself a highly ambitious person. I mean…Uhhh…Oof. This sounds like it should have a negative connotation, but in all honesty, not a lot of things can hold my interest long enough for me to feel passionate about them. Again, not the most bright and shiny statement, but it is what it is. One thing that has always been able to keep a hold on me has been art. Over the last few years I have begun to realize what type of art I am most interested in, and what kind of artist I WANT to be.

In high school I was a musically inclined artist. I sang in advanced level music groups, read challenging music, and LOVED being able to create beautiful harmonies. I was also an artist in the theater. Being on stage and delivering emotional monologues allowed me to express another form of art. These days, I have been wanting to go back o the basics and learn how to be a visual artist. I want to become better at basic figure drawing and sketches so I can then have the foundation to go on and create characters and illustrations. My preferred artistic style tends to be more animated, so I would love to hone my craft in that area, but also expand my abilities by working on more realistic work. In addition to drawing, digitally with procreate or with the classic paper and pencil, I would love to become more proficient in photo editing using adobe suites.

The next few years, I want my inner art chick to come to life. I want to be creating much more work, and I want to be proud of the work I create. I want to compare myself less to others, and develop my own style. That is my artistic ambition.

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