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DS106 Week 1 Summed Up

Being as it was the first week of classes, it is safe to say my week was pretty hectic! However, I was fortunate enough to already have a domain set up to add my Digital Storytelling blog posts to! I was really excited learning we would be using our blogs as our main page to publish content, as I haven’t really done much with mine yet and have been wanting to find a reason to update it for a while.

This week was a lot of setting up accounts to prepare for work to come throughout the remainder of the semester. One of the assignments we did complete this week was watching an episode of The Joy of Painting. My friends were all jealous when I told them my homework was getting to watch Bob Ross!

After writing a review of our assigned episodes (mine was Home Before Nightfall), we had to reflect on what our goals would be to get out of this class this semester. I usually find it frustrating having to think about things in advance, but this provided a nice moment to reflect on what I had accomplished in the past and how I wanted to expand on that work in the future.

The final thing we had to do was introduce ourself to the class! Well, it was technically the first thing, but I worked backwards. I still have to figure out how to embed things to my blog, but that will come after this post goes up.

I normally stress about online courses, but after this first week I am ready to see how class plays out and what we can create!

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