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Fears Facing You

We have all had those moments where we feel like one of our biggest fears is coming true. Big fears like natural disasters, smaller things like snakes, and even irrational moments of panic where you think you might die before plummeting down the big hill on a roller coaster. But what if our fears were actually afraid of us?

“How do you find yourself?

”Your honor, I find myself NOT guilty”

Ok. You might be wondering how I ended up here. Me. In COURT. If you know me at all, you know how afraid and out of place I feel here. And anyway the reason I’m here isn’t even my fault!! I was DEFENDING myself. It was quite literally a life or death situation. Here is what happened…

It was finally a cool day after a week of scorching hot weather. We had an evening thunderstorm the night before, so everything was still damp by the time the morning dew was setting in. Very beautiful and serene, not something we often see around here. I decided to take this moment of tranquility as an opportunity to go out for a bit and take a quick stroll around the court yard. I didn’t THINK anyone else would be there, it was still so early. I made my way around the yard stopping every once and a while to sit on a log and bask in the rising sun. It was a much needed start to my day. That is happened. From out of nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE, she attacked me. There was screaming and stomping and I didn’t know what else to DO. As she looked at me dead in the face, the look to kill in her eyes, I made my decision. FIGHT BACK. It wasn’t SUPPOSED to go this far. It was just a little bite, I didn’t know the effects would be so detrimental. As soon as it happened she fell to the ground yelling for someone to help her. I didn’t know what to do, I was still so afraid! All could think was “I have to get out of here”, which in hindsight is probably how I ended up here. When I heard she didn’t make it…I knew I had to turn myself in. The lies, the hiding, the GUILT was ripping me apart. But I swear, it was all self defense and I am innocent! So please, please don’t send me to the web!!

-written from the perspective of a spider

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