CDS Work,  Now THATS a Story

Hey Siri, play Introducing Me from Camp Rock 2, by Nick Jonas

”Do-do-dododo-do”…for those of you who understand this ~iconic~ song and movie reference…thank you, you get me. For those of you who dont..thats awkward. Let me try again: Hi! I’m Grace 🙂 I am super excited to create and share new content with my pals in Digital Storytelling this summer. Fun fact about me: this is the second time I am taking DS106 (oops!) and this time, I’m ready to do it right! This class is starting while I am on a family vacation at the beach (glass half full: hey, at least class starts while you are at the beach!! glass half empty: …ew sucks you are at the beach when class has to start) and I decided to take a little bit of advantage of this fact and add it into how I was saying hi to everyone. Take a look!

school and sunset

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