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Pomp and Extenuating Circumstances

Hey, me again. Sooooo I’m still in school, but SO close to being done! After going through an extreme family trauma that I truly felt had ruined my life forever, I’m back, better than I have been, and ready to wrap this up!

That’s a summary of the email my professors got at the start of the 2023-23 academic year, the year AFTER I was “supposed” to graduate. After losing all motivation to finish school and the will power to do…well…anything really. They offered me support and care, gave me leniency and understanding, and stood by my side while I dragged myself kicking and screaming through the mud to finish this damn degree.

And like I said, now i REALLY AM almost done!! I have a paper, some video editing projects, and a final art elective to take before I have to start paying off my student loans!!! But thats ok because guess what I will be done with SCHOOOOOL!!!

As you can see, I may be a smidge burnt out academically. I’m not a bad student per say. I am smart, and creative, and when I submit my work the feedback is often positive. The hard part for me is overcoming the extreme fear of failure or my work not being good enough, and trying to find the courage to actually submit it. Though this is a skill I am still working on and going to overcome, the extra time in undergrad allowed me to opportunity to find what I truly feel could be my career passion, as well as gain some real world experience while working part time and being a student part time!

The classes that made me feel inspired and motivated again and have steered me down the path I have finally committed myself to taking are:

Community Engagement Through Media Production with Prof. Swerzenski, Popular Culture with Dr. Goldman, Digital Media Studio with THE Cartland, and my Communications Seminar course with my advisor and queen herself Dr. EJY.

The experiences and environments these classes provided are truly what influenced me to peruse a path in Media Production, in whatever forms it may be!

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