CDS Work,  Now THATS a Story

Week 1 Summary

What an interesting start to this course I had. I have taken Digital Storytelling once before with a different professor, so I was anxious to see if the set up of the course with a new professor would be similar or different. After the fear of being perpetually overwhelmed by the warning email telling us how fast paced this course would be and how much work and participation it would entail, I was able to some comfort in seeing a familiar structure.

Thankfully for me, I already had several of the required accounts we needed to set up this week. I was especially glad to already have a theme set up for my blog, but still went back to play around with the layout just for fun. However setting up the remaining accounts and refreshing myself on how WordPress works did take a moment. In the end I was able to successfully set up Vimeo, Flickr, and Soundcloud accounts in addition to the Domain of Ones Own and Twitter I already had.

It was slightly frustrating trying to get the posts on my domain in the correct category. I am actually still having trouble with it, and going to figure it out my next work day this week, but I couldn’t seem to get the new category I made for this class (Now THATS a Story) under the correct page (School). I ended up tagging my posts with #ds106 and putting them under the CDS Work category for the time being, so they are able to be accessed while I figure out how to work WordPress better!

The work from this week was mostly setting up digital accounts which I embedded in another post (Hey Siri, Play Introducing Me from Camp Rock 2 by Nick Jonas). THAT post I will link to THIS post, so everything for the week is all compiled into one location!

Hey Siri, play Introducing Me from Camp Rock 2, by Nick Jonas

Something else to note about for this first post is how this class will help develop our digital identities! I know, a very basic CMDS idea, but I find it always important and interesting, and like to see in what ways digital identity relates back to ones real life!

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