Stones..but not the kind you are thinking of.

Another exciting thing happened today! For as long as I can remember my Mom has always had reoccurring kidney stones, and yes they are as bad as you think they are. Actually from what she has told me, they are probably worse than what you are imagining. They have caused her extreme amounts of pain for a long time, but today she had surgery to get her stones removed! The surgery was successful and they blasted 57 stones from both of her kidneys! This is super exciting for our family and will hopefully help lessen her pain and she won’t have to pass anymore stones. I have been hearing stories from my family at home with her post-op, and this one, though brief, is my favorite by far. When she woke up after surgery the Dr. showed her a tube full of her stones. Upon seeing these, she said “those are MY stones, can I have them back!?” Unfortunately, she was not able to regain custody of her freshly removed kidney stones, but she went home with some pretty cool pictures! We are so proud of her for being such a good patient!

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