Last First Day

Today is (hopefully) the last first day of class for my undergrad program, which subsequently means I am a SENIOR in college! I am so glad to have the opportunity to be living back on campus and attending classes in person for the first time in over a year; sometimes you truly do not appreciate the little things or recognize your privilege until it is taken away. Over the last 18 months I spent a lot of time working on myself and, though I am nervous, feel prepared to try my best academically, socially, and mentally for my last year! Some highlights from my first day as a senior at UMW:

  • Eagle Gathering
  • Talking to at least 1 new person in all my Monday classes
  • Getting coffee with my sister (who is a freshman on campus this year! I am so old!)
  • Forced myself to NOT take a nap!!
  • Got lunch with my housemate

Coming down Campus Walk after my 10am in Combs I got to pass the Bell Tower and take in the beauty of a once again bustling campus. The sun was shining, music was playing from Ball Circle, and it really was a Great Day To Be An Eagle.

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